Origin of grills and some curious stories

The best way to start this blog may not be another to tell you the source grills. So we're going with this.

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The origin: When was created the barbecue grill?

It may seem like a simple question, and fast, but it is not.

To be able to extract a coherent information I had to resort to several sources because it is not clear neither the date nor the exact location.

In fact, after reading what comes in the Wikipedia and other websites, I think we all have a little bit of reality and a little bit of legend.

Two ingredients that give this tasty article.

If you are one of those who are lost, here I leave the definition of what is a grill for cooking.

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The origin of the roast

Let's go by parts.

First we must go back to when humans began to eat meat to roast, because before this, all of the food we consume is raw.

And that is the evolution of our species is what you need.

Before this the man did not eat meat because our dentures were not ready to cut and chew.

It was when we learned how to create cutting tools with stones when they started to consume meat, but raw.

And, as you might have guessed, with the discovery of fire, it was a matter of time ended roasting a meat and ensuring that it was much more good.

Since that time, we accelerate the time to get to the comfortable grills many centuries later, where not only we flesh but a wide variety of food.

Photo with a grill in flames in a garden in an article on the origin of the grills
Grill to full operation

Who invented the grills?

Well, probably, no one. Better, surely, a stranger.

Being something so simple it is easy to that the idea arose at different times and places throughout history.

Stories of the birth of bbq grills the meat

But, as we like stories with first and last names, this is what tells the Wikipedia:

“It is said that the grill was developed when putting in a fence that surrounded a magnificent château, erred in the calculation”.

“The baron owner of the property would have refused to pay the manufacturer the iron excess, and, in revenge, the blacksmith would have used the grid surplus as a support to cook meat in front of the castle.”

“The aroma would have gone mad baron to the point that he agreed to disburse the two ducats owed, by which he obtained the grate-grill in battle.”

In the end, who pays rests, and on this occasion, as the baron made the first purchase of a grill, and without knowing the future implications.

Other stories of the origin of the grills

In Wikipedia, and also reflect other two sources.

This time in Latin america.

The first of them is located in Argentina, in the surroundings of the River of the Silver, and at the end of the NINETEENTH Century, where...

“we used grids of wrought iron to tighten the skins while they dried”.

“Is attributed to the gauchos of the time the use of this tool for grilling the meat that the way of the animals slaughtered”.

The other story is situated in Uruguay and in a very concrete: 1832. According to Wikipedia:

“... thousands of common criminals and political prisoners were light again”. “In the prison of Colonia del Sacramento, the celebration ended in scandal when it began to destroy the prison.”

“In a few hours, a band against rustlers benefit from an amnesty stepped into some cattle to neighbors in the area. A convict pulled the door of his own cell and improvised the first grid moderna, whose results were shared released, police officers and passers-by”.


By way of conclusion to the story of the grills

Our history, from the last millennia, nothing less! Is linked with the consumption of meat.

And, one of the most ancient and best is grilling on a grill.

And, in my opinion, I'm convinced that they have been using bars of iron for roasting meat and that it does not burn long before what you had up there.

Like other alternative systems such as hot stones and the like.

Today, we grills comfortably whether it be electricalgas or charcoal, and with a thousand patterns features that cater to the needs of each one.

This is the story of this way of cooking, but...

What grill to buy now?

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Finally, add that to eat the food cooked directly on the grill are a very comfortable and healthy, not just for cooking meat, but almost any thing.

I hope that you have been to this information useful and if you're thinking of buying a grill, that encourages you to take a trip to see the products from Amazon HERE.

Source: Wikipedia and the rest are my conclusions from what I have read on the topic.

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