Meats for the grill: What are the best cuts for grilling?

Do you want to know more about meats for the grill? For the first thing to know is that best meat for grilling much depends on the tastes that we have each one.

Image of grill different meats

But here you're going to discover which are the best cuts of the meat grill to enjoy a good barbecue with a soft meat to grill.

Updated on November 12, 2022

What from how much we do?

Let's talk about...

🥩 Meats for the grill: What are best for roasting?

The grilled meats are a favorite of fans tailgating outdoor and for a good reason:

Can add taste and variety their meals, and they are also a little more healthy other types of meats.

One of the most popular types of grilled meat are the burgers, and many people choose this dish for its simplicity and ease of preparation.

But the burgers are often made with minced meat and the grill are going very well other cuts.

Being two of the main protagonists of the pork and the beef.

Image of electric grill with a number of different foods: maríz, cherry tomatoes, onion and meats for the grill.
Cooking different foods along with meat for the electric grill.

One of the greatest challenges when preparing a good grilled meat is to find the right mix of spices and aromatic herbs to season.

Some people prefer their dishes with a hint of sweet, while others prefer a strong flavor and tasty.

Just as there are those who are that their steaks are well-seasonedwhile others may prefer to use just salt and pepper for simplicity, I include myself among the latter.

Whatever your style of flavoring preferred, it is likely that there is a mix of spices that will work better.

All these aspects that I apply to the preparation of any type of meats for the grill, as well as to choose the best court seeking the right balance with your own flavour preferences.

Whether you're looking for a burger simple, like a t-bone steak of Avila or take cow argentina, there are sure to be a variety of grilled meat that fits your needs.

But before anything else...

Picture of a barbecue with your grill in the field next to a river. Has overprinted the text: Black Friday.

Take advantage of these days to Black Friday. Visit with a click of this article, where I will tell you the best offers for you...

Why do we cook the meat this way? Why we started grilling the meat on the grill? Click To Tweet

Did you know that grilling the meat on the grill is a tradition as old as the discovery of fire?

Its origins can be traced back 1.6 million years. 👈

Yes, yes, and as you read it: although by then the primitive homo erectus had not yet evolved to homo sapiens and their intelligence (apparently) still was not fully developed...

It is clear that she was not a fool!

Perhaps there is a more simple (and delicious) to cook the meat to make it the grill?

Our wise ancestors took the first step.

And we have taken care of the rest.

In effect, the domestication of fire by man brought forth a tradition that, fortunately, is today well-known by all: the tasty grill.

Photo of a grill near the fire, heating it to make meat for the grill.
The fire under the grill for cooking meats on the grill

And, viniéndonos a little closer...

How is the use of the grid in Spain?

Although in this section, I'm not going to stop talking about the origins of the grill modernayes , I would like to inquire a little into the habits that we have in Spain around her.

If the habit to prepare (and taste) a rich barbecue is becoming more and more popular all over the planet, on the Iberian Peninsula, the culture of the grill is still in diapers (especially in comparison with other countries such as Argentina or Germany).

Spain is a country with some meat, and a climate ideal for cooking on the grill. Click To Tweet

Taking into account that here we have a season of good weather a lot more extensive, and that we can enjoy meat for grilling of exceptional quality...

It is a pity that you don't draw more out of our grills, don't you think?

Luckily, we are increasingly those that we feel so much love for the gastronomy we love to delight our palates.

Speaking of preparing good food, let's see...

🥓 Best cuts: What can flesh do to the grill?

Let's put a hand in the kitchen and let's start with the best cuts on the grill...

The first meats to throw on the grill

It has arrived the first time to start preparing our barbecue and put the first meat to the fire.

And, for the beginning, trying new flavors and new ways of cooking the food, we have discovered some parts of the meat for grilling that, until recently, were unknown to everyone, and now the producers are beginning to rediscover.

Although the bacon, the black pudding, the chorizo and the chicken breasts they are just as delicious as classic (traditional is not incompatible with tasty it), let me tell you that...

There's (a lot of) life after them!

As a good barbecue that you are, you should already know that the grill is very easy to use.

Simply choose well the cuts of meat that are going to serve, that you follow the instructions for use of the barbecue (Spoiler: they are the most simple!) and let this wonderful gadget for your kitchen do the rest.

Bbq grills the meat are easy to use but it is good to know which are the best options for every time, for every barbecue. Click To Tweet

Do you want to know what is the best piece of meat to grill?

Do we have to buy meat for a bbq, but you don't know what cut decantarte?

In this article I will tell you what it is the best meat for grilling at home for a grill that you can get a lot more out of this prodigious and useful instrument of kitchen.

Image sausage in electric barbecue
Grilled sausages (power in this case)

🔪 Types of meat for grilling: Best cuts

I try to answer (and dare) to tell you what is the best meat for the grill, from these two issues that complement each other:

What is the best meat to grill?

If you have to prepare a good barbecue with your friends or family, I recommend that, for a start, don't let go of the classic pieces of meat I was talking about in the previous section.

Always good to present a few sausages, black pudding or pinchitos chicken as starter for your guests begin to peck... and prepare your palate for the experience that awaits them.

As these pieces are cooked quickly, you and your guests will be happy in equal parts: they acallarán the first roars of hunger in your stomach and you have been well with them.

Trick: don't forget to prick the sausages to prevent blow-and for that fat to drip and soak the grill with its characteristic flavor.

But not only of sausage, man shall not live! Because...

What is the best cut of meat to grill?

Then, I'm going to break down one by one all types of meat you can serve it as a main dish (pork, veal and/or beef and chicken) and what are their characteristics to then be able to tell you what are the best parts for grilling of each one of them.

Whatever the piece of meat you choose, be sure to buy it in a place of trust.

Before you bring the meat to the grill, rub the stain with rosemary and fresh garlic.

The flavors of these spices (staple in the mediterranean diet) combined with the embers, you can leave an aftertaste unmistakable.

And, of course, do not forget to add a little salt and pepper.

Choosing the right cut for your tastes and bbq that you want to do is the key to the success of tasty grilled meats. Which one do you like more? Click To Tweet

What you are not is beginning to make the mouth water?

But, where is the best roast?

🌟 Best grills and barbecues on offer for grilling meat

At least, they are the most sold in Amazon...

A little further down I will tell you the detail of each the type of meat you are grilling.

But before that, let me show you what 10 grills more sold on Amazon for grilling meat:

Tarrington House Barbecue Louisiana for coal/wood, wheels and picks-ash removable, chrome-plated grille, side tables, with lid and handle are heat resistant, black
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🐖 Pork for grilling

The porkas tender as tasty, is always an option infallible at any barbecue. Being one of the best cuts of meat for the grill.

And in Spain we can boast that we have at our disposal the meat more soft to roast in the world: the iberian pork.

However, if you get this race as the white pig, this is one of the types of meat are more versatile than there are.

In addition, it is very easy to cook on the grill: enough with you to pay it sufficient attention at the time of boiling to prevent it from drying out.

In some cases, also I recommend you to adobes pieces that most require it to enhance its (already) delicious flavor...

And you have to consider a few tricks that I will tell you later.

Best cuts of pork for a barbecue

The best cuts of pork for a barbecue are the following:

  • The pork loin.
  • The Secret Iberian.
  • The rack of pork.

Tenderloin cut

The back is one of the leaner meats, pork and of which presents less nerves.

It is one of the cuts of higher-quality, full-bodied and juicy, which makes it excellent for cooking over low heat on the grill.

Court secrecy iberian

The iberian pork was extracted from the area of the upper end of the skirt, close to your armpits, a place inaccessible to the naked eye (hence his unusual name).

Whether cured or not, has a great amount of fat interspersed that adds juiciness and flavour.

This makes that the secret to give a lot of play on all grills.

Cut ribs

The rack of pork is one of the greatest emblems of the barbecue.

Your meat tender (but not too... has the perfect point of tenderness) with an intense flavour of pork, exalted thanks to the smoke of the grill, make more than one jump on them as a man cave and the devore up to only leave the bones.

Although pork ribs can be served alone and without decoration (they are rich enough as well), many opt for condimentarlas with bbq sauce.

Remember not to cut them before cooking; this could produce that secasen.

Supports first side of the bone on the grill and then flip it to the entire rack.

🐄 Beef and ox for a barbecue

The argentines are responsible for our devotion for the beef and add in all of our grilled as a side dish star.

And for good reason!

To be a type of meat more lean and firm, slightly damp, and brilliant at the same time -that give it a smooth extreme - the explosion of flavor that will result in your palate is indescribable.

Only if the tests you will know what I'm talking about.

And although the meat of veal and beef can be cooked in a thousand ways, the grill is one of the most common forms of doing so.

Would you like to know what are the best pieces of this type of meat?

Best cuts of beef for a roast

Look! These are the best cuts of beef for grilling.

  • Chueletones
  • The Secret Iberian.
  • The rack of pork.

The chuletones

The chuletones are always the protagonists of any barbecue.

Marked out live fire and then filleted gently, will be an object of desire for more than one.

The more adventurous will want to eat a whole piece.

If you want to give a tribute, I highly recommend you to try a great cut of wagyu.

It is a piece so tender and tasty that will not leave you indifferent.

Loin top of an ox or a calf

A good cut of tenderloin high of beef or veal is perfect after passing through the coals.

In addition, you can go by cutting demand.

The heart is so juicy and has a flavor so intense that it is increasingly integrated in the grilled Spanish.

Since it has a good amount of fat between its fibers, is a piece of meat delicious.


The skirt steak is a meat close to the bone, which gives it a very special flavor.

It is perfect to serve with bbq sauce because it is easy to make, but you have to know to pick the right spot of roast.

The meat should be fat and pink. If you see that the yellowing is that it is not fresh meat.

🍗 Chicken meat as a good option for a grill

The chicken meat is also quick-cooking and has its advantages and its public.

It is an excellent choice for those who don't want to fill up too much, or who want to control their cholesterol levels.

As a white meat, has a lower content of saturated fat and it is much more digestible.

The kids will also enjoy eating grilled chicken!

Best cuts of chicken to grill in barbecue grills

Look how good looking are these forms of roasting chicken on the grill:

  • Chicken breast and thighs.
  • Chicken wings.
  • Pinchitos chicken.

Chicken breast and thighs

You can cook the more classical as possible, salpimentando a good thigh or a breast of chicken and leaving your grill is in charge of grilling.

If you take away the skin, its fat content will increase considerably, but will leave you with an exquisite taste and a juicy exceptional.

Chicken wings

The chicken wings can also be roasted on the grill and they look fantastic.

Whether you serve them to the natural as a marinade, will be crispy on the outside and very soft on the inside.

Pinchitos chicken

Skewers of chicken are a classic among the barbecues.

You can buy prepared or cooked to your liking: how about if you try to combine with mushrooms, chunks of onion and bell pepper and salpimientas the style of “pincho moruno”?

What a delight!

Can you think of a more economical and delicious to seduce to your guests?

And if it is not for the guests but for the day-to-day family, when we're at home, the best option is to use a comfortable electric grill. But..

✅ What are the best meats for electric grill?

Choose the best meat for electric grill depends more on the court and the size that you set limits to your culinary creativity.

But, in general, the steaks pork loin and chicken going very well.

Like the secret or veal.

But the key to that is going well is in how to cut the meat to adapt this way of roasting.

It is true that, with an electric grill, we will not have the smoky effect of a charcoal grill.

And, in addition, the size of the cooking is usually smaller.

image of electric grill with a number of different foods

So in a electric grill you can roast all the meats that I have described above.

But for these cuts us out more juicy we fillet finest.

With these fillets of lesser thickness they come out very well loin pork, for example.

Also goes great for the chicken fillets, best finite, and is very often used in family dinners.

Grills electric best-selling roast meat

To know more you can take a tour on this article on the best grills electric of this year.

But if it is more convenient, look at these 6 are the most sold on Amazon to make grilled meat:


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➕ Do you want to know more about this world of bbq grills?

I'll leave you to other articles so that you can hear more about the full range of possibilities to make rich dishes in our grills and barbeques:

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Conclusions about the meats for the grill

If you are looking for a delicious dish and healthy for a barbecue outdoor, you already know which is the best meat for grilling and I hope I have given you a good answer for you.

Leave me your comments because I would love to know what meat is your favorite and how you prepare; and for sure other readers this blog also.

Do not miss also my previous post on how to roast a fish and do the best fish on the grill.

Shares and disseminates, thank you.

And remember to leave below a comment about types of steak and what cuts you like more for grilling on your grill or barbecue.

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