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Grilling is a cooking technique in which food is exposed to the heat of the fire. Easy, right? As we go for more than we hunger to know:

What is grilling?

Grilling is the technique to cook the food without any utensil additional beyond the confines of the grid, which is what we call the grill. With it the food is processed directly to the heat from the energy source that we use: coal, gas and electric are the most common.

As I said in the entry cooking on the grill is a technique to bake, mainly meat, but that goes for any type of food.

These, are exposed the heat of the fire directly, or the embers, to cook slowly.

And, in my opinion, these are two of the keys that make cooking on the grill is as good to the taste: the heat source directly and slow.

To get a good roast and with the passage of time, now, there are countless types of grills, brands, models, designs, etc

Speaking of the heat in the grill...

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What is used as a source of heat for cooking on the grill?

The charcoal is the best option, no doubt.

And you should take care that there are no other strange elements that can be “dirty” the taste of the food you're cooking on the grill.

But, today, there are diversity of sources thanks to electricity and the technology. Not only barbecues charcoal.

What you need to keep in mind is that the classic barbecue in the coal require a space open as the best option. And, as an alternative, a very good and powerful extractor hood.

If this is not possible, you can always pull the comfortable grills electric with a lid or closed because they generate little or no smoke, depending on what you're cooking.

The woods used are hardwoods such as oak, mesquite, the quebracho or the crown of the head, cherry-tree, oak-tree, which is burned at high temperatures and for a long time.

But, basically, in every region of the origin of the coal that has been used in barbecues to grill depends on the own native wood in that region.

For example, in Argentina, the best coals are obtained in the Northeast, where they are prepared with cuts of quebracho, which are stacked to form a compact set of wood, which are then covered with mud.

And here, a little closer...

What coal is the most used in Spain for grilling on the grill barbecues?

The coal more used in Spain for the barbecue grill is charcoal oak and, as I said before, because of their abundance in the iberian peninsula.

This is the fuel more traditional in our country, and it can also be the most environmentally always the pruning and cutting of trees will do so in a controlled and adjusted to the current legislation.

image hand grill to the grill

Benefits of charcoal for a barbecue

You associate a list of the major benefits of charcoal for the grills Spanish:

  • Lasts a long time on and this is supposed to be cheaper than other sources of heat.
  • With the charcoal for the cooking of food is very uniform across the entire grill.
  • In addition, it provides a very pleasant odor that is very noticeable in the final flavor. Providing, meat, a touch of unique and tasty.
  • And an advantage for the cook: it generates very little spark.
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The grilled in different countries and Argentina

Let's talk a little grilled in different areas of the world because not all sites are cooking in the same way.

I'll tell you!

The roast is a national dish of Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

It is very traditional to use a “needle mechanical” which rotate by means of a motor, both on an open flame or grill as the inside of an oven.

In the south of argentina, a way of grilling the cross is the chiporro or of patagonian lamb.

This consists in crossing the animal with a long stick and spinning it slowly over the coals.

The most typical is the lamb roast.

This way of cooking the meat using swords swivel is also typical of certain regions of Germany, such as Thuringia.

The meat is usually pork or chicken.

Also in the patagonian region using the so-called chulengo, which is a drum fuel capacity 200 litres cut off the medium in a longitudinal manner, which is joined by hinges, and a gate in its interior.

By the way, Argentina, I dare say that is the country's roasted on the grill for excellence.

In Argentina the grills are usually large and have a bar quite spaced out.

In certain traditional celebrations in argentina, as the mark of cattle with a hot iron, is often prepared roast for all attendees on various grills meters long where are accommodated tens of kilos of meat.

In a typical asado argentino, in addition to the meat, cooked sausages, sausages, sausages on the grill and guts as barbecue, gut fat, gizzard, udder of a cow, kidneys and testicles.

It is also sometimes added to meat stuffed and chinchulín lamb twisted.

The dressing traditional chimichurri sauce, a spicy sauce and cold.

But in the variety is the spice of life and, in many countries, barbecues or asados also include offal and sausages.

Let us, almost anything can be cooked on the grill. Because once you've heard this expression, isn't it?

"Every critter that walks, swims or flies to the grill".

But the food is not prepared single, so...

Who is responsible for cooking on the grill?

The task of preparing the roast is the grill, self-taught or professionally, which is in charge of the cooking and the meat is to your point, or to the tastes of the diners.

When the grill it means that the meat is on point, to say that the meat is cooked on the outside and a little under baked on the inside.

But it is a job for people patients because a roast on the grill, properly prepared, requires several hours of heat and work.

The grill, usually, throws salt over the coals for gas to coal is consumed and does not affect the meat.

How is cooking on the grill?

Once that is done the fire, the coals are uniformly distributed under the grate mechanics and allows the iron to take temperature as homogeneous as possible.

Then the meat is placed on the grill.

Time to turn the meat, or turn, is dictated more by the experience of the grill, as well as the height of the grid and the amount of embers.

I hope that something new you've read in this article and serve you to choose from here the best grill (available on Amazon) depending on how you cook with it.

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  1. In the USA the electric't see much, at least those that are used in backyard. Especially of coal or gas. And the truth is that the flavor that it gives to the meat cooking on the charcoal, not gas, or electric, I guess.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hello Joshua, thank you for leaving your opinion. I quite agree with you on what the flavor of a good grilled over charcoal.

      Little by little I am adding to the blog articles to cover all the possibilities it brings, the world of the kitchen, a good barbecue.

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