Blog on the grill

Blog on the grill

Welcome to the blog on grills because you already know that grilled knows best.

I leave this here for articles with more general information on everything related to the kitchen to the grill.

Blog with general information on the barbecue grill

Little by little, you'll find more interesting content on the grills, ways of cooking, recipes, types of grills and more.

I'll leave you with the most recent articles and, in the end, I'll leave you more information.

Black Friday in grills and barbecues

¿Buscas una gran oferta en una parrilla o barbacoa este Black Friday? ¡El Black Friday es el momento perfecto para comprar! Echa un vistazo a esta selección que he preparado…

What food can do to the grill?

Don't put limitations as you discuss what can be done on the grill because, when it comes to this form of cooking, there are many different options to choose from. Look,...

What is the best grill for cooking fish?

The best grill for fish depends on your needs and you will know everything you need to roast it well and choose the right one. What's my goal? Don't keep...

How to roast grilled fish?

How to grill fish? You think this is not only the meat that should be the star of a delicious barbecue. Let yourself be surprised by the taste and the smell of the fish...

Meats for the grill: What are the best cuts for grilling?

What what is the best meat to grill? Look at this article because you've got a little bit of history, meat of pork, beef, chicken and...

What is it and what are they for grills electric?

What is the electric grill and what is it? How does an electric grill? What makes them so special? I tell you all here.

What can you cook in an electric grill?

Your creativity is as important in the use of an electric grill. Because the truth is that it works for any type of food.

How to use the grill in the kitchen?

What types of grills we can use in our kitchens? All about the use of the grill without leaving home. What grill to use? Which do you choose to be with friends?

What to do on the grill that is not meat?

How to grill and meat-free? What type of food, in addition to meat, you can cook? What benefits do you gain? Use it as a way of cooking habitual is an excellent option.

Grilling knows best

What is grilling? What is there to warm up? What coal is the most used in Spain? Who is cooking and how to cook? All the answers to a CLICK.

Origin of grills and some curious stories

What is the history of the grills? Who invented that? The origin of the grill is varied and diverse. I will tell you in brief format.

What is a grid? Definition

The question seems easy: what!what is a grid? But I'm sure something new to learn in this little article about the grills.


General information about the grills and the way of cooking on the grill

It is a world that seems small, this grates for cooking, but nothing could be further from the reality.

In this part I focus more on giving the maximum amount of information possible on which are grills, types that exist, how we use people to these wonderful tools for our roasts.

I tell you, also, stories, and experiences related to grills and, even, what you tell me on the form which I have linked above.

The first articles begin definimiento what is a grill and the origins of the grills.

But, little by little I am adding more content that I hope will be of interest to you. As can be recipes to grill any food, repairs and maintenance of our grills.

And, now, you can continue browsing below or back to top the part of the menu.


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